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So many of us think the problem is that we have not yet found our life purpose or our passions, but what if the truth is your life purpose is simple…it is to love your life! 

Live a life with no regrets that is authentically all yours by designing a life you love. One that is filled with joy, passion, love, play, and adventure.  

Everyone wants to be happy…but one cannot live a life of happiness and joy if one is not willing to stretch out past their comfort zone. It is on the other side of your fear that you will find your bliss.

Each coaching program and workshop series are designed using leading edge technology and methods, based on the most up to date neuroscience on life strategies for designing a life well lived! Book your free discovery session at kathy.bazinet@gmail.com (sessions available in person, by phone 519-591-1153, or Skype).